BRÖÖ Craft Beer For Your Hair & Bod - GIVEAWAY!!

Have you ever rinsed your hair in beer? For the shine and volume it brings? I have. It works wonders but I once had someone ask if I had been drinking beer afterwards. 

Now There's More To Love From Schmidt's Naturals! Natural Bar Soaps!

For years I have used natural, plant based deodorants. I didn't want any aluminium or chemicals. There was a brand I was using but only one of the formula worked for me. When the brand stopped carrying that formula I had to find a new natural deodorant. It was hit and miss. Mostly miss.

Sea-Band Mama- A Natural Solution For Morning Sickness

Many women suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. My last pregnancy my sickness came in the evening which made dinner time a nightmare. It was hard for me to make meals for my family when the smell of food made me feel sick. I wish I would have known about Sea Band then. 

Probiotics for Women: Jarro-Dophilus Review #MomsMeet

Strains Matter
Probiotics are an important part of health. Traditionally, we got our probiotics in fermented foods such as pickled veggies, and yogurts. 

Modern society is losing fermented, cultured foods. Most pickled foods on the shelves are in a bath of vinegar and brine and not actually fermented. This is why it's important to supplement our diets with live culture probiotics.

Moms Love Beanfields Because They Taste Great! #Beanfields #Momsmeet

Variety is the spice of life and also the key to health. We don't get nearly enough variety in our modern diets. I make an effort to add variety every chance I get.

Why Choose a Natural Toothpaste? Himalaya Botanique Toothpaste Review #momsmeet

Retaining or regaining optimal health is just a series of small steps. Removing things from your life that do not promote optimal health and replacing them with a healthy alternative. It's about doing better once you know better and doing what you can.
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