100 things about ME

A fun introduction -

1.)My name is Jamaise
2.)I'm a girl in my early thirties
3.)I'm a brunette
4.)My nickname is "Bug"
5.)I have two boys
6.)Julien (juju)
7.)Pegen (pegs)
8.)One dog (Santos)
9.)and a cat (Brutus)
10.)My partner is Dominic
11.)I have 7 brothers
12.)one sister
13.)I'm drinking a Bucks Fizz right now
14.)I have two nieces - Haylie&Allie
15.)My Grandma lives in Texas- I love her
16.)I was conceived in Saudi Arabia
17.)I was born in Marion
18.)on Christmas Day
19.)my Mom ate her Christmas dinner before I was born
20.)I was raised here
21.)been to lots of states
22.) Canada
25.)Paris airport
26.)I've eaten haggis
27.)and blood pudding
28.)I love to read in bed
29.)My favorite book I think is"I Know This Much Is True" Wally Lamb
30.)"The Five People You Meet in Heaven" made me cry
31.)so did the solo French Horn player in the rain playing "Silent Night" at Wal-Mart
32.)I love makeup & wear very little
33.)love bags too
34.)I prefer silver to gold
35.)I prefer classic to trendy
36.)I like a little extravagance every once in awhile
37.)The most important thing I have ever done is stay home full time with my children
38.)next is breastfeeding them both until they weaned themselves
39.)I vaccinated my oldest
40.)not my youngest
41.)he's been to the doctor three times in five years
42.)he's never taken an antibiotic
43.)I feel blessed with healthy kids
44.)I drink kefir
45.)I like water kefir best
46.)I love words
47.)I hate numbers
48.)I love PBS
49.)I campaigned for Obama
50.)I worked my butt off
51.)I believe him
52.)I love a good debate
53.)I am Catholic
54.)When I was in 3rd grade I won a Dole contest with my "fruitwich delight" sandwich
55.)When I was in first grade I broke my left arm
56.)When I was 27 I lost my appendix
57.)My youngest was born on my sister's birthday
58.)I lost my appendix on my brother Nathan's birthday
59.)I will do no more hospital stays for birthday gifts
60.)The first concert I went to was New Kids On The Block
61.)The last was Weezer
62.)I used to be able to do all three kinds of splits
63.)I can't do any of them now
64.)I can however still do a cartwheel
65.)I don't believe is one-size-fits-all for anything
66.)I like to wrap gifts
67.)If I were a fruit I'd be a kiwi
68.)I love to receive mail
69.)My favorite ice cream is Hagen Daaz Sticky Toffee Pudding
70.)I am a night owl
71.)I think Thank-You notes are important
72.)I am decently green
73.)will become greener in 09'
74.)I love the woods
75.)I love thunder storms
76.)I do not question God, but I wish poop was delivered in pellet form
77.)I found blog-world by accident
78.)I love it
79.)I am still drinking a bucks fizz - last glass I promise
80.)I love buttered toast and a banana for breakfast
81.)I think JFK is the most handsome man who has ever lived
82.)I love my plants
83.)I love the birds I feed to
84.)I want to do giveaways on my blog
85.)But, I know squat about it all
86.)I love Dwight Shrute
87.)I am very compassionate
88.)I am very loyal
89.)I hate American Idol
90.)I love Goodwill,auctions,yard sales & such
91.)My favorite food is chicken curry
92.)I need to join the Y
93.)I used to smoke - I quit 6 months ago!!!
94.)I can drive a stick shift
95.)I want to always own a convertible, although I don't at the moment
96.)I hate when someone feels bad
97.)My Momma just started a blog too
98.)I used to plat Toontown
99.)I silently say a Hail Mary when an ambulance goes by
100.) I still make a wish when I blow out a candle

Wow - off to bed :)))))

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