I snapped this picture of our little catch all dish , because the contents caught my eye.

In this little dish is always an interesting assortment of anything that lands there - different all the time.

The last time I noticed this dish was to get my lip balm that was in there with a safety pin, a pair of earrings, a peach pit that my son wants to plant, and a grocery receipt.

A few days ago I walked by and noticed that the only things in was an Obama button & an old Ford key. The way my mind works , I instantly saw the message in the dish.

Today watching this momentous new day, I really love the symbolism, and can think of no better time to share.

I will be posting on the inauguration after the full day of events. I am attending a party for the occasion this evening. After I absorb & digest it all, I will hopefully have some thoughts I'd like to share. I can't do that until I experience it all.


ConnieFoggles said...

I am fortunate to own one of those pins and stickers that we haven't used too. They will remain in our family for ages.

Connie's View

designHER Momma said...

looooooove it. I don't have a pin, but love it.

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