APRIL SHOWER'S 100th Post Giveaway!!!!!

April a.k.a. April Showers is celebrating her 100th post!!! To commemorate, she is having a super duper giveaway!! It really is super duper - there are four categories and she is allowing two winners in each category - yeah, told ya! With the Creme De La Creme being one of her sexi customized blog designs!!

1.) Totally Awesomely Amazingly Wonderful Customized Blog Layout!

2.) A $40 gift basket filled with TONS of customized mark. and Bath and Body Works products!

3.) Custom Illustration! How cute would you look as a cartoon?

4.) 10 winners will get 50% off any blog TLC items of their choice!

So why am I posting about it??? Can you say Blogger template???
I see so many lovely blogs out there. I picked the name of my blog based on what I want it to eventually be & also a poetry book called Silver Pennies that my Mother used to read me poems from. I think the Wishing Penny could quite possibly spark a pretty sexi blog design. Don't you???

You can enter to win too! Head over an you'll see why my favorite word today is sexi :))))

As a treat, I will leave you with a poem from Silver Pennies - Happy Day!

The Fairies Have Never a Penny to Spend
THE fairies have never a penny to spend,
They haven't a thing put by;
But theirs is the dower of bird and of Rower,
And theirs are the earth and the sky.

And though you should live in a palace of gold
Or sleep in a dried-up ditch,
You could never be poor as the fairies are,
And never as rich.

Since ever and ever the world began
They have danced like a ribbon of flame,
They have sung their song through the centuries long,
And yet it is never the so,me.
And though you be foolish or though you be wise
With hair of silver or gold,
You could never be young as the fairies are,
And never as old.

-Rose Fyleman

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