First Post - Proper

Well, Hello there. Ok I realize I am speaking to you Mom. It's ok to say "hello there" to your Mom, right?
I have beaten the bush for some time now in starting this blog. I even decided that my resolution for the new year would be one that I could undoubtedly manage conquering: starting my blog properly. Ha! I was sooo tired last nite, I couldn't even do that. Instead, I took a hot shower and went to bed. We did at least have the traditional cabbage and black-eyed peas for New Year's day. Now to watch the luck & good fortune start rolling in!
To the good stuff - This blog will be a place for ideas. Thoughts on everyday life, unexpected things that hit me, creativity, wisdom, inspiration.
I have decided on a fun way to introduce myself. Going to start that now. Be back soon.

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Designher Momma said...

I like your good start my friend. I am sure to follow...

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