Yes I do. Weird you say? It may be a rather strange thing for me to declare , but I am getting over a VIRUS. Viruses are mean, ugly, awful pirates that take over your body and make your throat hurt forever, are untreatable and never leave your body! Think about viruses you know - scary.

Bacteria are cute & cuddly in comparison. They are treatable. I normally do so without even seeing a doctor. Olive Leaf Extract & Grapefruit seed extract will usually kick any sick out within a couple days. But I know that a visit to the doctor and a script of antibiotics will always be there if I need it. I don't like taking antibiotics because it will kill the good bacteria as well as the bad. There are no good viruses.

This terrible bug I have been fighting off since just after Christmas. I even went to the ER one night thinking it was strep throat. No such luck. Remember, strep is treatable.

It wiped me out. I have felt tired and sluggish- just keeping the house work up has been a major task. I am now trying to rebuild my immune system so that I can get going again.

Life is still good - even while feeling yuk. I am reminded by:

*comfy sweats
*warm socks
*hot honey and lemon tea
*hot candle baths
*sweet helpers that also give kisses
*soft blankets
*puppy dogs that curl up by my feet

I'll take bacteria any day!!


Brimful Curiosities said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I got the Renee and Jeremy CD! Will work on that review soon. (Also bought one for my pregnant friend.) Thanks so much!

tsduff said...

that is such a sweet comment at the end - I enjoyed this post. You sound like such an interesting person.

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