Sunday roast & spider friends

I used to be happy enough just to feed the family, now I want to feed them well.
I want foods to taste like Grandma's not mine. So I have been slowing down,taking extra care with the details and really putting me into our meals.
Tonight was Sunday roast. It was so good. It slow cooked all day with rosemary,onions,celery,carrots and potatoes. Some olive oil, a few squirts of lemon ,salt&pepper to dress the roast before it went in - it tasted like grandmas roast :))
For desert,I did an Tarte Tartin,which is a very European version of apple pie. It's lighter and gooey-er than the all American. I love it. Some recipes you try,you like and you rarely do. Some stay - this one will stay. My kids will have fond memories of Mom's Tarte Tartin. One day they will recommend that their wives start making it. Their wives will worry that theirs is not as good as Mom's. And it won't be until they decide that they want to slow down and do it well.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I saved a tiny spider from the raging waters of Ju's running bath water. Ju was very happy that I saved his "spider friend". The friend is now happily relocated in my vining plant - with a great view of the bird feeder.

I'm off to have a slice of desert & a scoop of ice cream. Sorry if I'm making you fat - sometimes it happens just hearing about it you know!

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