By now you all know about the Blogger glitch . I was affected & had to go into my dashboard and switch all of the blogs I follow to public. I lost a lot of my readers :((( It appears that you are all still there, you just need to go into your dashboard, go to blogs I follow, manage and set all of them to public again.

Hope all gets back to normal soon! I was just complaining about Blogger yesterday - I hope I didn't jinx us all!!


Maggie R said...

One of your followers led me here as I posted a question on my blog for the very same thing .Well isn't that interesting. I lost a bunch of followers too. I wondered if they were kidnapped....HA!
I shall take you advice..
The other thing was I lost 70 readers from my feedblitz....That has to be some king of a glitch as well...
Big cyberspace mysteries..
Now I am going to sign on as one of your followers and see your blog. If you have time come see me too
waving from cold,snowy, Southern Ontario, Canada

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I, too, lost people - you included. I see your back:) I was wondering what I did to upset people.

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