Glass review, and I'm not talkin Pyrex

NOPE - I said not Pyrex.

I am talkin about the Sunrise's frosted head G-spot wonder from Eden Fantasys. It's not for cooking but I must say it's pretty hot. 

I'm a big fan of natural materials. They just feel better. Wood. Stone. Cotton. Glass. I like to decorate my home with them, wear them against my skin, cook with them, and apparently I like them in the bedroom too.

This toy has a nice weight, and it's built to last a lifetime. Being that glass is non porous, it is very hypoallergenic and clean. It has a nice curve and smooth bumps and ridges that hit all the right places. Great for partner play as well as going solo. 

I must admit that I always find a bit trouble writing on adult toys. Not because of me, but because I feel I have to be careful writing about sex to a varied audience. While I do not wish to offend anyone, I showed this toy to my Mom when it arrived and if I can show my Mom, I can show you :) Sex is as natural as Wood. Stone. Cotton. and Glass.

With that said, I will say that I recommend glass toys and if you'd like to try glass or any of the sensual products offered at Eden Fantasys hop on over there and take off 15% with the coupon code "KISS09". As always, Eden offers Free Shipping, Free Returns and Exchanges. So, Rediscover Sex @ Eden Fantasys - you know you want to :)))


Leslie M. said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh!!!!!
okee Dokeee then! hahah
So it's not a pot stirrer! hahah
Love your Review and ahhhheemmmm I will Check 'em out!


jamaise said...

Thank you for the comment Leslie - makes it all worth while :)) I hope you will check it out. Eden is really a great company. I'm so glad I get to work with them.

Leslie M. said...

ya know I will!!( Ialready did!)


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