EYE BUY DIRECT - Why would you buy glasses any other way??

With prescription eyeglasses starting at only $7.95 a pair including lenses - why would you buy glasses any other way? I read a review of them and decided to check them out.

I personally do not have the need to wear glasses. My partner, Dominic, does. He normally waits until we visit his family in England to get new glasses. It just makes sense - they have universal healthcare - we have decent insurance and still rack up a fat bill at the the eye doctors.

When I showed him the selection of prescription eyeglasses at Eye Buy Direct, he was so impressed with the price, he thought there must be some kind of catch. As he looked into their promise of Expertise,Price, Service, Selection & Convenience, all backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee he decided that Eye Buy Direct is the only way to go. I hope that sharing it with you all will save you some money in these tough times.

Don't worry, we'll still visit his family and now they live in Greece !!

This video gives you an overview of this amazing recession-proof way to buy your next pair or pairs of prescription eyeglasses. You know when you can get two pairs for less than you'd normally pay for one, you're getting a great deal.


karissa said...

i did a review for these and I really stand behind them. 100% satisfaction guarantee? I love my glasses and my frames are top notch. they came REALLY fast too.

I totally expected a catch, but there really truly isn't one.

umm, I wanna go to greece...

valerie2350 said...

Ahhh..... a trip to England for free glasses would be lovely ;)
But this sounds like a great deal!

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