Flip Flop season will soon sadly be a memory for me until next season. Into Fall which is my favorite season - then, into the dreaded Winter. Time to rock the boots and tennies.

It never gets cold inside however and flip flops are essential for inside wear as much as they are for outside. I always have a pair lying around to slip on.

My favorite flip flops are Havaianas. They fit perfectly and are built to last and their selection is way more fun than the standard flip flop.

My favorite from this season are the FIT style :) Cute huh?

So for all you lucky ducks who live in year long flip flop climate, remember Havaianas for happy feet. For those of you who don't - hang on - it won't be too long - I'm right there with ya!


Deanna said...

I will be in flip flops for a while. I am in San Diego, CA!

valerie2350 said...

ooooh I would happily wear those in January :)

Dianne said...

Those are really cute and although we have flip flop weather year round here I just cannot handle anything between my toes - I know I'm a freak lol

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