What Has Harry Ever Done To You?

I've got Harry over here at my Blog - he's so upset. You see, I'm offering a copy of this new release "Your Songs" and it's not getting many entries at all.

You know how crooners get when they're upset - oh it's bad. And next, I'll be offering Michael Buble's new release "Crazy Love" and I'm so scared there won't be a good turn out for that giveaway - Lord, I'll have two upset crooners over here.

I'm doing the best I can here people. I've baked cookies, patted him on the back lots, and let him know that I am really enjoying having his new CD, but he is really upset - I don't know what else to do.

It would make him really happy (and get him to leave my blog) if right after you read this, you'd come over and enter. I know you don't want a depressed Harry Connick coming over to YOUR blog (hint hint). I mean he might accidentally get directed over there & I would hate for that to happen ;(

So, I'm going to extend the entry date from the 17th to the 24th. Please, if you have a heart, please make a crooner happy and enter to win Harry Connick's new release "Your Songs". I mean, they are YOUR songs. Right?

*I just thought of one more thing I can do. We all love surprises, right? I am going to offer TWO extra giveaways within this giveaway. The winner of this wonderful CD, will also receive a fun surprise pack from me :) Then, I will draw a name from the remaining entries for a second surprise pack winner!! My surprise packs are fun too:) I'm only doing this because I've grown so fond of Harry while he's been here :)

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Anonymous said...

I've entered. Thanks for the reminder. I had your email subscription announcement of the contest in my inbox and it got lost in the shuffle.

I love Harry! :)

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