Holiday Detox

I'm back from my holiday hiatus. I realized rather suddenly, that if I didn't get off the computer, I was not going to be able to pull off Christmas. All the cleaning, baking, shopping and family traditions needed lots of my attention.
We had a wonderful Christmas - lots of Christmas wishes came true, great food, lots of family time, even had lots of snow of the ground- everything felt like Christmas should.
Now that the holidays are over, too much eggnog, champagne, ham, sweets - all of it - I feel bloated and well, toxic.

So, last night I started a holiday detox.

-I've stocked up on SmartWater. SmartWater is vapor distilled which leaves only pure water. Then electrolytes (calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonite) are added for enhanced hydration.

-I'm starting my days with a cup of hot cayenne, lemon & raw honey - cayenne for it's metabolism boosting properties, Lemon is very cleansing & ph balancing, and raw honey is healing and supplies energy. This mixture will stop nausea right in it's tracks as well.

-I'm drinking lots of hot herbal teas. My taste is for spicy teas like chai, ginger based teas, and India Spice. I'm following what tastes good to my body - the spice must be something I need.

-Detox baths like vinegar for restoring the proper pH to the body, epsom salts & baking soda for drawing impurities out and soothing muscles, I also love a ginger bath but I'm out and haven't gone out to get any - it induces sweating which we all should do everyday to help eliminate toxins.

-I'm eating light - no meat, no grains. Lots of fruits and veggies. Made an awesome batch of homemade applesauce - it tasted so good.

-Not sure if she knows it yet or not, but my sister is going to give me a massage. She goes to school for massage therapy, so a nice full body massage will have to be a part of this detox- great for draining the lymph and for circulation. Free is very therapeutic as well.

So that is what I'm doing after indulging in all the rich holiday food & drink. I will continue my detox until I feel better, which I am already starting to. I know I'm purging some junk from my system because my body odor smells like hell.

Bear in mind this is no easy task - we still have baklava, flan, ham, rolls, candies and cookies lying around begging me to eat them. I will remain strong - my body will thank me later :)

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Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Sounds like a great plan. I will be doing the same, but after New Years.

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