EDEN FANTASYS ~ Cole Ryder ~ Toy ~ Review


I got to review the Cole Ryder sensafirm penis is presented by Topco from Eden Fantasys. WOW! I had no idea what I had ordered - it is a monster. Very well made, very true to life, and very freakin BIG!

You should have seen my face when I took it from the packaging :)

The thing about Eden, no matter what you order, they have all sorts of indicators like size, length, material and it is important to read them before you order. One of the very great things about Eden, is that they will tell you the exact specs on every product whether it be adult toys, sensual products, lingerie , or a big monster like I received :)

It's very important to read carefully - because Eden Fantasys will give you what you order!

As always always great working with Eden, they offer the best selection , best customer service & reps in the sex toys bussiness! Shop Eden for all your Adult needs. Thanks Eden Fantasys!

Oh, and if you see Cole Ryder in a dark alley - Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !


jamaise said...

Come on - somebody leave me a little snicker or something...

Ali said...

Cough...I will say I ordered a similar sort of thing once and it was too big and ended up in the landfill, poor thing ;)

doreen lamoureux said...

lol....I could just imagine your face. I like Eden. They have so much of everything. Thanks for the comical review.

Anonymous said...

I love Eden Fantasys. Everyone there has been so helpful and I love their info regarding any of their products. So is Cole Ryder the name of a porn star or something?

jamaise said...

Yeah Eden is the best.I read the measurements, but I guess I really didn't know what they meant!
Eden comes privacy packaged, so I didn't know what was in it to start with - my little boy had just walked out of the room - close call.
He probably would have said "Mommy? Why did your jaw just fall off and hit the floor?"

jamaise said...

Jenine - yeah, good ol Cole. He's a porn star for sure & a freakin beast! Lol ~ and my Grandma read the review at Facebook. I called her about something unrelated and she said " Wow, I wasn't expecting that!"
I think my cheeks are still red :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the little review ! I won a $50 gift card the other day and haven't picked out what I want yet. Sometimes it is hard to tell for these things based on the measurements..I once ordered something and thought it would be small but it is huge !

jamaise said...

Ooh - congrast Missy that will be fun for you to pick something. It can be tough trying to pick someething from their huge selection.
I had fun with this guy, even making a mistake. Cole Ryder has given me many laughs - he holds a special place in my heart :)

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