Noodle & Boo Glowology ~ REVIEW

Glowology- the art of celebrating the beauty in every woman.

WHAT IT IS: A collection specially designed to unite luxury and sensitive skincare.

Christine Burger originally founded Noodle & Boo to create products that soothed her children’s super-sensitive skin. The Glowology line from Noodle & Boo offers the same sensitive skincare in luxurious formulas designed to indulge women’s skin as they treat it.

Every product in the Glowology line was developed to soothe, calm, and reduce the symptoms of sensitive skin with the most natural, nourishing and pampering ingredients available. The unique skin-regenerating formulas are highly moisturizing and leave the body’s natural oils intact, helping to reinforce the skin’s barrier while improving its tolerance level.

The signature Glowology scent was created especially for those who are usually irritated by fragrance, eliminating known irritants and using only skin-friendly scents. Ideal for sensitive skin and special skin needs, Glowology is also safe for pregnant and nursing women because there are no harmful ingredients that could hurt a developing baby or nursing newborn.

The scent is amazing and it leaves your skin soft and buttery.


You can purchase Noodle & Boo products online at

Noodle & Boo provided me a review product - these views ar my own :)


Unknown said...

Wow this sounds absolutely indulgent! Also something I look forward to trying - we have sensitive skin issues in this household and I'm always looking for great products that won't cause problems.

Thanks also for the Tropical Traditions Organic Honey win! I am anticipating it's arrival not only do I want some on my toast but I'm eager to try it on burns or wounds lol!

Kimberly B

jamaise said...

You're totally welcome Kimberly - you will enjoy the honey. It's always good to have good quality honey around.

And the Noodle & Boo soap is very indulgent.Smells wonderful too!

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