Fun GIVEAWAYS!!! @ Sweeps4Bloggers

Ah... this feels like I'm doing something normal, a part of my routine. You don't know how bad I need that.

As always there's a great line up of GIVEAWAYS at sweeps4bloggers and my list is only a little piece of them, with more added daily :)

*Energizer Max Batteries 24 Pack (ends 4/23/10)

*Baby Bear Shop Lavender Vanilla Soy Candle (ends 4/25/10)

*Maine Garden Hod Harvest Basket (ends 4/25/10)

*Ritz Camera Custom Photo Book (ends 4/28/10)

1871 Candle Co. Gift Certificates (ends 4/29/10)

*California Blooms Long Stemmed Roses (ends 5/1/10)

*Visioneer RoadWarrior Mobile Scanners (ends 5/1/10)

*Grenk Printer Ink Cartridges (ends 5/2/10)

*The Pallina Vegan Gardening Gloves (ends 5/2/10)

*AmeriBag Microfiber Healthy Back Bags (ends 5/3/10)

*Panano Boutique Gift Certificates (ends 5/3/10)

*Charleston Naturally Bamboo Bowl Set (ends 5/3/10)

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