Today, I had someone do the nicest, most kind thing for me. I can't stop feeling like I'm bursting with happiness.

Someone sent an anonymous package of baby girls clothes. No card, no name in the address, just cute, cottony, tiny little pink clothes.

I figured there would be a card or note at the bottom of the box. There wasn't.

Somebody out there made me cry little tears of joy for their kind spirit - you just don't know how much I think of you - whoever you are.

We live in a beautiful world :)


Ty said...

That was a really nice gesture. What a beautiful person. Good karma awaits them.

jamaise said...

Ty, I know and the best part is, kindness works like a ripple and I will be sure to pass it on and it will keep going :)

Ty said...

That is true and lovely. We should all think of ways to spread kindness and generosity, in any way we can. Stay blessed.

Tylerpants said...

That's really sweet =)

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