You're all invited ~ ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY @ 5 Minutes 4 Mom

Just a heads up and invitation to you all. It's time again for the 5 Minutes 4 Mom Ultimate Blog Party!

I'll be hosting two giveaways from two wonderful, but secret ( for now) companies.

So make sure you visit the party from April 9th thru the 16th for the blog bash of the year!

Can't wait to see you there!


Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

Not so secret haha , I can see the titles in Google reader , but can't access the posts. Thats strange.

jamaise said...

lol - I didn't know it would do that! There's no post because I didn't write it yet - I just had to enter a url for the party. I'm in the process of writing them now.
Great prizes huh??

brandon and jakell said...

fun! too bad I will be out of town and can't make it!

Following your fun blog, stop in and visit mine too sometime!

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer H said...

Coming over from the Ult Blog party. I love your giveaway!

OilGirl said...

Hi Jamaise! Thanks for stopping by Oils For Wellness via UBP. Best wishes on a winning my prize. ;)
The Thieves products are among my favs from Young Living, you would love the other products they have to offer. I often have them reviewed by bloggers if you are ever interested....
Be Well, Jen

Stacy Kaye said...

Saw you on UBP 2010! I love the shoes! Look forward to following your blog.

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