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I love Bundle Baby. Not only is it a treasure chest of a shop - you know the kind, so fun to look through - but Bundle Baby is a huge resource.

A resource in that everything offered is smart and healthy for baby & Earth and a resource in that the owner Julie Sparrow Carson has created some guides - such as the cloth diapering guides : How to wash your own , Why Choose Cloth? , & Environmental Analysis of Cloth Diapering. As a first time cloth diapering Mama, reading at Baby Bundle has been a big help.

Julie has picked all the best in Diapering Products, Baby Care , Baby Carriers, Green Home, Wear, Play!, Potty Training, Read & Write, Mama & Gift Ideas. Bundle even offers their own diaper service & Cloth Diapering 101 Class!

So stop over and take a look. There is much too look at - all feel good products. Thank you Baby Bundle for all that you do :)

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