Easy Like Sunday Morning

So I've lately been thinking of ways to improve my blog. And I want to because I love my blog and I love what I do.

I will probably need all of your feedback to help Wishing Penny to grow - feel free to comment now, but I think I will do another post specifically asking for feedback.

This post , I'll tell you what my schedule will be like, so that I can be consistent and steady for everyone. Communication is good and it's easier for everyone when you know what to expect.

So, here's the plan : I am going to post a new GIVEAWAY!!! every day through the week. Maybe two, maybe more, but at least one everyday. Then I will take Saturday and Sunday off to do housework, getting prepared for the new baby, general family time, and odds & ends here at Wishing Penny.

Like today, I did a little yard work and while I was pulling weeds, met this little guy - a baby praying mantis - pretty cute huh?

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Jackie said...

What a great photo!

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