Lets all help out a fellow blogger ~ She's a FINALIST in the GoodNites® Story Writing Contest !!!

Bedtime Theater is a free audio series that gives you and your child the power to imagine a better bedtime.

Follow along with the fantastical adventures of Iggy and his wiggy bed.

Goodnites presents fun, warm, magical stories, with themes of overcoming adversity. Iggy's story helps every kid see possibilities. That goes a long way to putting bedwetting into perspective.

And with the ever so cute British nanny who reads you the stories , how can you go wrong? Plus if you & your child really start to like them, you can burn the whole series to cd.

The exciting part!!!! Fellow blogger Nancy learned yesterday that she was a finalist in the Bedtime Theater story-writing contest!!!

How cool is that! We have to help her get all the votes she can !

Her story is titled "Thirteen Arms Are Better Than Four" : by Nancy, Greensboro, NC.

You can vote once a day starting May 4 through May 14. The grand prize is $2,500.

Here's the link:


Follow the green Vote buttons to get to the page with the actual voting. If you get an error message at first, try again and it will go through.

There is a three step registration - super simple - no biggie. I just went and registered & voted - piece of cake.

I think it would be awesome if we could all band together and help her win - ya never know, one day you might need help in something similar! Let's do it!

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Nancy said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate everyone's votes. I hope to pass on the favor some day when you all need votes! Thanks again!


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