I am just letting everyone know that I am holding off on drawing winners until Blogger stops being evil.

Currently Blogger is not counting my entries. I'm not sure if they are gone for good, or if it will catch up.

I have all comments saved in my email so all entries are accounted for even if I have to go through and count myself - it will just take longer.

Of course this happens when I am in major house cleaning mode - preparing for my Grandma to visit and a new baby - 21 days away from my due date. Thanks Blogger! You're the best!

Once things settle down, I'm packing up and moving to WordPress.


valerie2350 said...


pam said...

I just went through two days of google removing my blog and gmail. If I had the $ I would be on the move, I am too nervous to move myself!

jamaise said...

That stinks Pam - I'm so sorry. I guess my situation could be worse. I want to move before it does get worse, but money is an issue for me too. I already paid enough to be here at Blogger. Good luck to you.

Nitul said...

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Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Good luck! I am thinking about doing the same!

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