Of Lakes & Babies

We're heading off to the Lake tomorrow. Once a year the whole family , in one place all together. The fun part about this year is that I'm 17 days from my due date and I normally go two-weeks early. I'm thinking we get up there, get unpacked, get comfortable and I go into labor. Yep. My body is working towards it already.

We'll be two hours from the hospital I'm giving birth at. Can you say adventure? I've talked with the midwife about timing and when I need to head to the hospital.

The nice thing is that my Mom has had three home births- unassisted other than my Dad and Grandma. I'll be in good hands if something happens.

I am looking forward to relaxing by the beach and getting some healthy sun, oh yeah and maybe coming home from vacation with a new baby :)))

Hold things down for me around here while I'm gone!!!
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