Revamping the Bedroom with

With a new addition to the family, that means shifting things around a bit. Julien will be transitioning into a big bed away from Mom & Dad. So in the new setup, we will be revamping our bedroom. Freshen it up - give it a new life.

We're looking into the Furniture Stores at . There is such a huge selection of all the latest designs.

We found these 1000 count Egyptian Cotton Sheets that are lovely - I'm a sheet snob and these look wonderful! And the prices are great!

We're even talking about a whole new Bedroom Furniture set and at this price for a 5 piece set, it might be totally do-able. I want something modern and clean like this set below.

And their Area Rugs - I'm in love with this one! The colors are perfect. I'm into chocolate and nice natural tones with bursts of bold colors- preferably reds.

So I'm seeing it all come together and it's exciting. I recently revamped the kitchen and I find myself in the kitchen a lot more now - I just want to be in there. It feels fresh and the lighting is great. I can't wait to do the same for the bedroom - it will be even more my sanctuary than it already is.

One more thing I stopped to check out was the Kids Furniture. Ju needs a proper full size bed. We like this one - I say drawers for jammies - he says drawers for toys!

So check out for all your shopping needs - get great prices on all the best products and best brand names.

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