Book Review - Cinch! Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches by Cynthia Sass

I just finished reading the book. I 'm actually starting the plan next week.

After reading Cinch!, it sounds totally do-able. I normally do a cleanse after the holidays, but this year I'm breastfeeding and can't do my normal cleanse. However, I can do Cinch! and it sounds very clean to me.

This is a month long program that is broken down into two parts.

Part one is a 5-day  Fast Forward plan designed to jump start your metabolism. This 5-day plan focuses on 5 powerhouse foods - almonds, raspberries, spinach, yogurt, & eggs (with vegan alternatives). Each of these foods was carefully selected for their impact on weight loss. This part of the plan can help you to loose 8lbs in 5 days - while providing rich nutrition and satisfying meals.

Part two is a 25 day plan designed to help you tune into your mind-body connection, feeding your body what it needs while helping you lose body fat, transform your emotional relationship with food, reshape your body, and give you all the tools you need to be successful and enjoy yourself in the process. In this part of the plan  meals are constructed using a super easy "puzzle" format consisting of five pieces: produce, a filling whole grain, a complementary lean protein, a flavorful plant-based fat, and selected fat-burning seasonings. Plus, chocolate everyday!

In Cinch! you will discover:

Why a daily dose of chocolate can save your life

How to drop pounds fast without counting calories or starving yourself

The lasting joy of increased self-confidence

More energy

Anti-aging benefits

Better digestion and sleep

Healthier, better-looking skin and hair

Fewer mood swings

Dozens of delicious recipes

I actually love the menu and like the idea that this plan will help re-shape the way you think about food. It's goal is to make you more conscious about what you put in your mouth.

My Mom & I will be doing Cinch! together - I can't wait to get started! Wish me luck!

Thank you to One2One Network for providing me with this review

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