Designing a room for a little girl :)

So my Grandma will be visiting in April. To prepare for her visit, I want to revamp the guest room.

This room will one day be Capri's room ,so instead of designing the room as a guest room, I have decided to start working on the room I have planned for Capri. This room will be inspired by "It's a Big World" by Renee & Jeremy.

My kids grow up on the music and the cover art is amazing - so why not?

Our room will have little elephants living in there! I love it :))

Just look at the colors involved - I'm going to need lots of different colors  of paint! Wanting to get started soon, I went looking for coupons and discount codes. One of the coupons I found that I plan on using is this kmart coupon. There are several that will help me in my It's a Big World room!

Wish me luck!

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