In Remembrance

A year ago we lost a fellow blogger

Take a minute to remember & honor the life of Karissa Gindling

4/10/1978 - 1/9/2010


Jenine said...

I remember. :(

We also lost another blogger less than two weeks ago on December 28th.

Kristi from Orange Juice.

joannaonthelake said...

I will always, ALWAYS remember Karissa, she was just the sweetest, most wonderful person, so helpful to everyone and so generous on many MANY levels! I miss her and Prissy Green immensely! Thanks so much for dedicating this post to her <3


Tamara B. said...

WOW has it already been year? I remember that day so well, rest in peace Karissa.

jamaise said...

@ Jenine - Wow I didn't know Kristi and I hadn't heard of her passing. So unthinkably sad - especially when it's so sudden. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing Kristi's story.

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