KinKast Video Sharing App for iPod touch & iPhone ~ Review

 My son downloaded the KinKast app to use on his iPod Touch. I had him get to know it and give me the deets.

He's a teenager, so getting all the info I need is not as easy as it sounds. He did tell me that it makes video sharing easy and it's all done in one place , so you don't have to upload a video at Youtube and then share.
He said it what he uses now.

He just sat down with me and showed me how it works. It allows you to take and share videos from your iPod device.

I think the coolest feature is that it's easy - there's no registration for the viewer. He sent me a video of his skateboard session and I received an email to notify me. I then watched it without having to create an account - I like that a lot. It's hassle free.

The app holds video files and you can sort through them based on date via a KinKast icon on your touch.

We sent his great grandma a video of of all of us as well. For her, it's as easy as clicking a link in her email.

The KinKast app is the easiest way to privately share video clips.  Record a moment and share it with only two taps!

* No waiting (video uploads in the background)

* Easily share with friends (they receive a private link with no login required)

* No size or length limits

* Safely back up your important memories KinKast servers

* Can also post on Facebook

* Last but not least: It’s a free download from iTunes. Just visit
* Peace fo Mind: Safely back-up a copy of your videos online

* Smart: WiFi Only Option if you don’t have an unlimited data plan with your carrier.
The KinKast App is free. If you want to store your videos in a safe location, we suggest the Premium Plan which gives you:

· Unlimited storage on KinKast servers

· Access to ALL videos, ALL the time

· Videos safely backed up

· No Ads

· Peace of mind

All for only $4.99/month or $49.99/year
* I was selected for his paid opportunity by Zooka Creative - these views are my own

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