What is Love? { Featuring Tiny Prints }


So Juju, you know Valentine's Day is coming up, right?


What is Valentine's Day all about?

Love. { duh, Mom }

What is Love?

A girl likes a boy.

Like Mommy & Daddy?


But you're not a Mommy or Daddy, don't you Love anything or anyone?

Yeah. I Love Bunny.

Ok, so Love is not just about a boy & a girl.

No, you can Love other things too.

How does Love make you feel?

I don't know Mom.

Think about it - try to explain.

*getting frustrated* I don't know Mom.

He might not be able to explain it, but he sure knows what Love is!

Let Tiny Prints help you tell your Valentine what Love is.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

* This is a compensated opportunity - these views are my own

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