Bedtime: Mission Possible

Getting your kids into bed can sometimes feel like mission impossible. But there are a few tricks to the trade that every parent should know.

“Please mom, just twenty more minutes!” We’ve all heard it before. Those puppy-dog eyes playing your heart strings like a harp can sometimes sound more like a broken record.

But don’t fret, because there are crafty ways to get your tot into bed. The trick is in the bed itself, and the potential for making it a “fun” place worth climbing into.

Ever since introducing my kiddo to the wonderful world of bunk beds, I’ve found a host of roundabout ways to get him snoozing in no time. I can’t give away all my trade secrets , so I’ll share just one. Try grabbing a few bed sheets and some clothes pins about 40 minutes before bed. After pinning up the sheets, you’ll build a ready made fort in no time.

Add a bedtime story that plays into the fantasy. Right now we're reading a chapter book called "The Dragons of Blueland". Tonight we created a dragon cave and Julien was the baby dragon! Take the time to really connect your child to their bedroom and bed and you’ll be seeing ZzzZzzZzzs in no time!

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