My Mother Love

On the surface, MotherLove to me is breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping. Making informed decisions on everything from vaccinations to circumcision, if she would have been a boy. Choosing chemical & plastic free. Living a lifestyle that promotes health. Living our education - everyday.

Deeper than that is the feeling I get, when I look at her, like my heart is a balloon rising in my chest. She's so beautiful. Real beauty, that takes my breath away like no sunset or Autumn trees ever could. Her cheeks are the most beautiful shade of pink there is.

Knowing that she is a branch in this family tree. That she grows from generations of Coble, Buckingham, Wilsons, Weaver, Vickers- she is the accumulation of family experiences and learnings. Things like a love of animals, being health conscious, recipes, the songs we all sing our babies. I think of things I do, and things that mean something to me-- I consider if they came from someone in my family tree. Most things I can trace back to someone. All of these things will be passed on to and through her as well.

She is my daughter. I want to raise her to be a thinker. To be kind. To be honest. I want to focus on her strengths, her interests - helping her develop the person that she is.

I feel a tinge of sadness knowing that in this life she will feel sadness, heartache, disappointment, failure. I also feel a deep appreciation for my role in giving her the tools to deal with the struggles of life. For it's through those struggles that she will develop and grow into her authentic self, the women who takes responsibility for being apart of something so much bigger than herself - her past, present, & future.

Like everything else I will teach her, she will inherit from those I inherited from and will give to her children who will continue in this string... of Mother Love.

* In attempting to put into words my Mother Love, I am attempting to win a sponsorship to BlogHer '11 from MotherLove herbal company- wish me luck and remember MotherLove for all your Natural, organic, herbal body care products for Mother & Baby.


serenahawes said...

I love the statement you have made. I love how you put into words how raising a child is and can be. I love the idea of inspiration for out children and I'm thankful to you for introducing me to Mother Love and their products!! Thanks and good luck with your sponsorship, you'd do the company proud!!!!!

Kimberly said...

That was beautiful, just like your site.

jamaise said...

Thank you ladies :) Your comments mean a lot. I think my soul kinda poured into this one.

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