Home Ec 101 — Skills for Everyday Living ~ REVIEW

Whether it's cleaning grout, stocking a pantry, reducing a recipe, dealing with chocolate in the carpet or retrieving jewelry dropped down the drain, Home-Ec 101 will help readers feel confident in managing the domestic challenges of everyday life. The information will be easy to use and written with the same witty style and attitude readers love on the blog, home-ec101.com. Charts, tips, sidebars and "Dear Home Ec 101" letters cover all the details readers need to know to keep their homes clean and in good repair.

In this book, Heather teaches us how to Clean it, Wash it , Fix it , Cook it. She walks us through getting started, tools we'll need, scheduling it, when to do what, techniques, and pep talks :)

Who is Heather? She's the author. Heather Solos created home-ec101.com in 2007. The site had nearly 400,000 visitors in 2009. The website and the author have been featured by StrollerDerby, ParentDish, Lowcountry Parent, The Post and Courier, and ReadCharlie. The website was also cited as a reference in Woman's Day Magazine. Solos has served as a featured blogger on Type-A Mom and Blissfully Domestic. Hidden by her monitor, Heather Solos is charming, a little snarky, and can answer household questions with the greatest of ease. In public, she's a little shy and happiest at the nerd's table riffing on web tech and shiny toys over beer and nachos. At home in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, she's a writer and blogger. She stays busy with four kids and a patient husband who doesn't seem to mind living in a test kitchen where food must be photographed before it is served :))

Home Ec- 101 is fun & easy to read. Feels like you're reading a cheat sheet that my Grandma & Betty Crocker sat down to create. In fact, you feel like you're learning a dieing art - practical care of all things to do with home. The only thing I would have like to see in this book that wasn't there - gardening & canning/pickling. Everything else is in there.

There are wonderful charts - homemade cleaning solutions, dangerous chemical combinations, emergency preparedness checklist, & measurement conversion chart.

A plethora of tips.

It's one of those books that is fun just to flip though the pages randomly and see what you find. Last night I was flipping through and found a helpful tip that I wish I would have known before and I imagine will be helpful to some of you at some point. Ok - Baking Powder - a leavening agent used to increase the volume and lighten the texture of baked goods. Without it, your muffins will be flat as a pancake. Have you ever had that happen? Making muffins , cakes, or biscuits that are just flat? I have - it ruins the recipe & wastes all the other ingredients. To solve the problem, write the purchase date on the lid when you buy it. Typically a tin should last four months if stored in a cool, dry place. If there is a question, put a teaspoon of baking powder into a cup of warm water - if it bubbles, it's active. If not it's time for a new tin but at least you save wasting a batch of whatever you're making.

In between all of this wonderful information, are reader questions - sent in by people just like us. Some are common question, others not so much. Always a smart answer with a bit of humor thrown in for good measure!

* Vacuum Regularly - vacuum deeply a minimum of once a week. For each person or pet in the household, add an additional day to sweep though quickly.

* Sorting Stripes - when in doubt what color to wash with, wash in cold with the darker of the stripe colors.

* Never use water on an electrical or grease fire!

*Don't adjust the temperature - increasing the oven temp is not a shortcut - you only end up with burnt or over cooked outer & raw or undercooked inner.

For these and many, many more tips to help improve your skills for everyday living, grab yourself a copy! Makes a perfect gift for a new home owner, new Mother, or child going off to college!

Thanks to One2One network for the review opportunity!

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