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Graduation - the end of one chapter, time for a new one to begin.

Completely exciting, a little scary. A rite of passage. I'm leaving childhood now - all my friends who have been along side me all these years. On to new achievements, a new level of skill - on my own.

I have not yet been though "the" graduation with my own child. I have been through kindergarten graduation - the sweet beginnings, the excitement to learn, to please. The middle school graduation - the big/cool kids going on to start over once again as the little guy.

I hope for my children is that they become thinkers, to have the tools to figure things out, to take their own path, I want my child to be the one who learns, but not necessarily play the game. I want my child to discover his passion and allow his strengths to define him rather than his weaknesses.

I hope I've laid the groundwork for my children to find Independence that comes with graduation.


Marlee said...

Ahh graduation, what a great day! Reading your post made me both naustalgic and excited at the same time!

Rose @ NetWorkingWitches said...

My son graduates next year, it's so scary to see how fast they have grown.
I'll probably check out Tiny Prints when it's time for us to start ordering.

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