Summer fun & EdenFantasys!

As Summer rolls in, it's time to think about all the fun that comes with the season!

Summer is a sensual time of year - sweet juicy fruits, warm sun, flowers of all colors, cool nights sitting by a camp fire. It's also a laid back, a little more time off, time for relationships old and new to bloom.

Think day at the beach with the one you love, sunny bodies, cooking out after working up an appetite swimming, a shower for two to wash off the day and get ready for the night, a little lazy time - maybe hanging out in bed, between the cool sheets, a campfire at dusk- maybe some drinks, maybe some watermelon, then back to the comfort of bed after a long and fun day. Days like those are hot and I'm not just talkin temperature.

Now factor treats from EdenFantasys into the picture. Love passionately with EdenFantasys :)

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