Crowdtap & Old Navy - Summer Shorts Party!!!

I love Crowdtap! My latest opp through them was hosting an Old Navy Summer Shorts Party. This is where me, and three friends got to sample a full shorts outfit and accessory from Old Navy. Fun huh?

It's always a full day out with the girls. We have to drive about half an hour out of town, so we turn it into a day of shopping. We did some extra shopping at Old Navy, went to our favorite health foods store, and went out for a nice diner. I wasn't driving so I even got a little tipsy!

This time I took my Mom, Sister, and friend. My brother went with us as well and he did some shopping too. Lucky him getting to hang out with all of us all day - right?

Anyway, as always, it turns out to be a lot of fun. We always engage with the manager and girls who work at Old Navy. They are always shocked at the opportunity and want to know all about it. This time we had a couple really fun girls who were super helpful.

There was also a crazy sale going on. Buy two get one free - everything in the store! You already know!

The outfit above is what I chose and I have a fat silver belt that looks really good with it. I am happy with my purchases.

My intention was to snap a bunch of pictures during the trip, but I charged the wrong battery and only got a few. Oh well, fun was had by all and I help enlist a few new crowdtappers from random shoppers who were curious about what we were doing.

Thanks Crowdtap & Old Navy!

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bafanah67 said...

I just started crowdtrap, haven't gotten lucky to try anything yet but looking forward to it is there any secrets to how crowdtrap works?

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