Me and Capri Save & Splurge for BlogHer '11

She was trying to make it last year.

BlogHer '10 was held August 6-7.

Last August 6-7 we were back and forth to the hospital , me in labor, her attempting to get to BlogHer.

Once she realized she was going to be late for the event, she gave me a a bit of a rest and was delivered on August 10th.

Now that she's here and all settled in, she is very adamant about not missing it again.

I've done my part in getting us there by saving as much money as I can on everyday living expenses, so that I can splurge and make it to BlogHer. I have been pulling out my coupons, shopping sales, buying for practical purposes rather than fun. has been a huge help in my efforts. There I can save shopping online, I can print coupons before I head to the store, and I get cash back when I shop online from That's what sets them apart from other coupon sites.

Couponing is the thing. I know you've seen Extreme Couponing on TLC. I did some research on how to  become a couponer and tried my hand at it. I am in no way extreme yet, but I have saved hundreds, and am still working on it.

I've got the conference tickets bought, but I am still need hotel accommodations. The thing is, I've got this little girl who has worked very hard to get there. I can't let her down.

She's packed.

She's made all the phone calls.

She's got all the party invites. is giving away  (2) 3 night stays at Hard Rock Hotel for two very lucky BlogHers. Capri is sitting here with fingers and toes crossed.

BlogHer or Bust!


valerie2350 said...

She is adorable!!!
And yeah....always good to find new ways to save money when you've got a new little one in the family!

jamaise said...

Thank you Valerie!
We sure think she is :) You're right, it just makes sense to save what you can, and becomes more important as our family expands. Thankfully I found!

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