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We are having an issue with sleeping right now. Well, we aren't, I sleep just fine. It's my 8 year old son who is. He's scared being in his room alone when the lights go out.

We have tried every method we can think of - assuring him there's nothing to fear, doing a scan over the whole room with lights on, taking him around showing him all doors and windows are secure, night lights - even cool color changing ones, making his bed into a cool tent, lying in bed with him until he falls asleep, I've even tried melatonin. I've gotten angry with him too and I don't want to do that - no one wants to be afraid.

So the other day, a cute little book arrived in the mail. Sock N Boots. I had no prior knowledge of these guys. We had just finished cleaning his bedroom, so as a fun finish, I offered to read him "Sock 'n Boots Adventures".

The first story in the book deals with sharing. Now typically we think of sharing as a toddler issue, but sharing can be hard for lots of kids no matter the age - my son included. So, this was a nice story to read.

It's laid out in a practical scenario so that it's not preach-y or even instructional. It puts the reader in the characters shoes ( ahem... boots ) in a very real and quite possible situation. It allows the reader to feel what it might be like if they were in that situation and how they would like to be treated if they were.

It was a great conversation starter as well. We talked about different possible outcomes and why it makes sense to share.

But the next story, ah the next story. When I read the title, he smiled and said "that's like me!" - afraid of the dark. As I read, he could relate to how Sock was feeling and could see how silly Sock was actually being. But sometimes, it's very comforting to know you're not alone and this book did that for Julien. It just seemed to ease a bit of that pressure.

He slept in his own bed last night with little trouble getting there. I wondered if he was thinking of Sock :)

"Sock 'n Boots Adventures", contains 3 stories and a coloring book section. I love the illustrations and the characters become friends by the time you're finished reading. I can't wait for more stories to follow!

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