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Fair Trade is Good for the Earth, good for animals, good for your family. More than ever, consumers are becoming more conscious of their purchases and the long-term impacts that they carry. Until now, only the most eco-conscious knew what to look for in their products and where to find them – enter Ethical Ocean, the shopping site that is transforming ethical commerce.

And Since October is Fair Trade month, a month dedicated to promoting and celebrating the positive impact of Fair Trade on the communities that produce many of the products we buy here in North America, I wanted to share some of our favorite fair picks from cosmetics and home decor, to fashion and food:

·       Shwarmis by Bundu: Made by a co-op of women artisans in Zimbabwe, here’s one of our favourite toys from Bundu. http://www.ethicalocean.com/product/warthog-shamwari

·       Dresses by Lionne: African fabrics made a splash at London Fashion week for a reason. One of our favourite and mostaffordable designers is Lionne, whose dresses are made in Ghana. http://www.ethicalocean.com/product/orange-wrap-dress

·       Bowls by Bundu: Gorgeous on a coffee table or as a fruit bowl, this paper maché bowl by Bundu was made by a group of HIV positive mothers who are earning an income and health education in Southern Africa.

·       Kazuri Beads by Bazant: Made by a group of single mothers outside of Narobi, these artisans are earning an income to support their families. The bracelets are then made by Toronto-designer Lara Bazant. http://www.ethicalocean.com/product/kazuri-bracelets

·       Yoga Bag by One Mango Tree:  Make a statement with this yoga mat bag by One Mango Tree, are made by artisans throughout Africa.

·       Coffee by Ethical Bean: This fair trade coffee by Ethical Bean is marked with a QR code – when you scan it you get the full story of where it was grown, the batch number.
I wanted to introduce you all to Ethical Ocean - just take a look around. There are many similar sites but there always seems to be a problem with selection and quality. At Ethical Ocean there is a huge selection ( you could browse all day! ) and high quality products and brands you know. I just love what they offer and I know you will too!

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Happy Fair Trade month!

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