Kokokhan Aromatherapy ~ Christmas Spice Essential Oil Blend ~ #Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY!!! ~ Ends 12/11

I use essential oils a lot in my home. My sister is a massage therapist and she is into totally natural products and often uses oils in her massage.

Not only is the aroma of the oil therapeutic, but the actual properties of the oils are too.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, I had some dental pain and wanting to avoid putting medicines into my system, I got through very nicely using a high quality oil blend that contained clove. It was made to boost the immune system and prevent illness, but if I soaked the end of a Q-Tip and rested it between my gums and cheek for a bit. Dental pain is bad and it worked very well.

I believe in the power of nature and I believe in the power of essential oils.

Being that it's Christmas time, I am using the Christmas Spice oil from Kokokhan. 

Christmas Spice
Essential Oil Blend
A gorgeous Christmas blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Black Spruce and Orange.
Antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic oils helping to disinfect the air while creating Holiday Cheer!
This blend is intended for aromatic use only.
Do not put on your skin as Clove and Cinnamon can be very skin irritating.

Suggested Uses:
* Add 10 drops to old potpourri
* Add 3-4 drops to a diffuser
* Add 3-4 drops to a pot of simmering water
* Add 8-10 drops to pine cones
* Add 8-10 drops to Holiday wreaths
* Add 1-2 drops to the inside of a toilet paper roll to give the bathroom some Holiday Cheer.

 This is high quality, pure oil. And while this isn't made for use on the skin , the scent is amazing. It smells just like Christmas. I have been using it in the bathrooms. It feels really good knowing the wonderful scent is also naturally antibacterial & antiviral.

Check out the site - these products make perfect gifts for health minded people, or those who need to be!

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