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This stuff is Delish! Seriously, you'll want to eat it! It smells so good! I am funny about scents. Many products on the market today turn me off. Because of their scent. Like the major Bath & Body shop, I hate their stuff - it just smells so artificial to me - there's an after scent. Kinda like a bad after taste, I just can't do it.

Kristine's Shower has none of the nasty. Even the ingredients are nice.

All of their soaps are Made with vegetable and nut butters and  in small batches - when I say small I mean 2lb loaves that yield 8 bars! Why does that make a difference?
Small batches insure great quality soap - that's why!

Kristine's Shower is the Bathbomb capital on the web. Don't settle for imitations! These bathbombs will moisturize your skin and fill your tub with aromatic scents that you will not soon forget! Once you get out of the tub, you will see what I mean! The scent still hanging in the air (and on your body), you will also see that there is no need for lotion! (but you can still put it on if you want) - they are such a sweet treat!

Ooh la la - this is sooo yummy! You'll see why it's called frosting. I know you're like me and have tried sugar scrubs that are either too oily, or too scrubby. Frosting is just right and the scent, again, is amazing. Use frosting twice a week for amazing skin.

With shea butter and coconut oil, this decedent lotion might just be the last lotion you'll ever need. You can use it from head to toe - that means even a little dab to tame fly away hair. All natural gives you a lot of freedom of use! I used it on my little one after her bath because I felt good about what I was putting on her skin. Again, like a broken record - the scent is amazing!

The Aloe Vera Body Whips is like the Sorbet with the added benefit of Aloe.
This moisturizer is a MUST for all of you sun bathers, bikers, fishermen, hikers, etc. You won't believe the difference after one application! Sunburns don't peel, tans stay longer and skin is moisturized. When using in the wintertime, skin stops itching and gets fully moisturized. Again, yummm.

These make PERFECT stocking stuffers that she'll LOVE!  Did I say she? I meant they'll - they also carry a line for the boys!

I think you get the point - I love this stuff. I also love that this is a small business that with the experience of ten years, does it right, all natural, and with the care that small batches bring.

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