Mohawk Home ~ 8x11 Area Rug ~ #Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY!!! ~ Ends 11/30

This rug is beautiful. Absolutely. The pictures don't in any way do it justice. 

It was so difficult to choose a design. Mohawk has such a huge selection. I changed my mind several times. My first choice would have been too dark, my second choice wasn't quite the right style, and this one, I was worried would be too busy. But we as a family voted and the Eason Dark Brown won out.

It arrived sooner than I expected. I was planning on having the carpet cleaned before I laid the rug. So patiently I left it wrapped in it's plastic until I could start fresh with clean carpet.
But I couldn't stand it any longer and when everyone was in bed, I came downstairs and cut away the plastic and unrolled this bad boy.

The colors are so vivid and there are subtle details that pictures can't capture. It's the most lovely rug I've ever owned.

Anyway, this is what they got to come downstairs to in the morning.

Sorry about the bad pictures. My camera is out and the iPad is all I got.

Also, sorry about the mess, but that's how it is.

I remember watching a home design show once that said a rug brings a room together. That it draws your eye to see the whole room connected. That is is what this rug has done for our living room. 
It feels connected and we love our new space!

One winner will receive the same rug that I received!

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I am in love with this rug! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm so crossing my fingers! But I have to say Good Luck To Everyone! Someone is going to be VERY happy!!

debijackson said...

love the rug it is so cute.
debbie jackson
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Giveaway Hound said...

The Facebook link for Jamaise Wilson isn't working in the Rafflecopter for me. said...

Does anyone know anything about Pinterest? I tried to sign up and it said I was requesting an invitation. That when there is an open invite they will email me. Do I need a member to invite me? Or does the website itself invite me? I'm totally lost! Thank You in advance for any help (: said...

Ok, I made a pinterest account and it's not letting me pin from my phone. Thay stinks it's my only internet connection. I'm still trying to figure oit how it works. I usually don't have a problem with sites like these, but this one is giving me problems. Maybe I'll have to go to the library or try and connect through my hubbies ps3. Anyways Thank You for all these wonderful giveaways Wishing Penny!!

Unknown said...

OOPS! I made a mistake on my last rafflecopter entry, I thought I was on the Vera Bradley Page & put Mohawk HOme, please disregard. SORRY

Rafflecopter: WANDA McHENRY

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