SWOOP bags ~ Play. Grab. Go ~ #Rafflecopter GIVEAWAY!!!` Ends 12/10

This is one of those products that you think "dang! why didn't I invent this!?"

The SWOOP bag is such a simple, practical design, but serves such a huge purpose. The SWOOP alows a child to be messy and relaxed in play and the clean it all up in one fell SWOOP!

Can you say Lego? We love it for lego play. It is the perfect solution to stepping on one of those buggars in the middle of the night and screaming out in pain.

We from time to time will dump his Lego container out on a blanket to allow him to spread all of them out and have acess to play with all of his Lego. Then it takes two or three of us to gather up the edges of the the blanket and dump it back into the Lego bin.

The SWOOP lets Juju do it himself! It holds a lot!

They come in a rainbow of fun colors too!

So, add a SWOOP bag under the Christmas tree and give your child an unvaluble tool that makes clean up and storage a snap! You and your kids will love them! Makes a PERFECT Christmas gift!

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