FREE Revlon Hair Straightener @

I'm so happy I found this deal. My flat iron ( that I've had for years ) just gave up on me completely. Yep, on the day of family pictures. I couldn't figure it out, it just wouldn't heat up. After trying several outlets and banging on it for awhile, I gave up.

I've never tried this brand but free is a great price point to try a new product!

If you're not needing a new flat iron, there are lots of fabulous items available - for FREE - just for referring a few friends. No purchase necessary, no credit card numbers, just refer 20 friends, and you can have this or something you'd like more sent to you at no cost.

You’ll also get a FREE $10 credit to use on their website, should you decide to buy anything (not a requirement at all though). Just enter code P1080 or P1070 and the $10 credit is yours!!

With savings of up to 90% off, you might decide to shop and a $10 credit is a lot at

Here’s how to get this freebie:

1. Sign up at No More Rack and confirm your email address. ( easy form )
2. Click on the BANNER at the bottom of the page that says Friendrack.
3. Get your unique referral link and share it with friends.
4. Trade in your points for a FREE hair straightener (or any of the other prizes you like)

Just wanted to share this great deal with all of you!

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