Personalized Valentine's Day cards for Kids @ Tiny Prints

When I think of Valentine's Day, I either think of romance, or classroom parties. The latter is an American tradition most of us have been a part of. Full of white paper lunch sacks decorated with construction paper hearts all in red & pink - just waiting to be filled with class mate Valentines Day greeting cards.

Typically those greetings will be based on current cartoon trends and can be found en mass at your local department store- they offer nothing personal except the spot for your child's little signature.

It's still a fun evening when you sit down to sign your cards and decide which card goes to who, but I remember always wishing for more. I eventually ended up making my own and including more personal bits.

Your kids are lucky because they have the opportunity to personalize it all up at Tiny Prints! Just take a look at the Valentine Cards they offer - you'll fall in love!

I have been personalizing my cards & stationary at Tiny Prints for years. Always the best selection, best results, and always special.

Love them :)

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valerie2350 said...

cute kids and cute cards :)

salmaashiq said...

Design and color combination is spot on i want to see more of these cards for little kids,Have you some more?????
Plastic Card
Plastic cards

rimrocker said...

cute cards good for valentine's. For more ideas check out

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