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Fresh ginger is a staple in my house. Right up there with garlic, lemon, and olive oil, you'll always find a big chunk of ginger root in my kitchen.

Daily, I drink a fresh lemonade with ginger & cayenne. It's good for digestion & alkalizing. For sick tummies hot ginger tea with honey. We just had to do tummy tea the other night. My little brother gets carsick - my mom carries crystallized ginger in her purse. Ginger is an anti inflammatory - good for arthritis.  I hear they've done studies and proven that ginger is an effective treatment in ovarian cancer. The point is I think ... add ginger to your diet, however you can.

I can't think of a more pleasant way to add ginger to your diet, than with ginger chews from The Ginger People. Candy with a purpose. Stimulating to your senses.

I got to try one of each flavor of ginger chews. Original, Hot Coffee, Peanut, and Spicy Apple. I also got to try the cleanser, eye creme, and balm from amazing ginger skincare line GO. But, that is for another post :)

Back to the chews, the peanut is my favorite! If you're into Thai food, you know that peanut and ginger go well together. This is a marriage made in heaven - the peanut and the spicy ginger blend to create a creamy flavor, add sweet and it's perfect! They are dangerous  to me - I could eat them all day long.

They are all really yummy.

I think a perfect candy for after dinner. Ginger stimulates digestion and might aide you after a large meal. You know how restaurants offer peppermints after your meal. I think they should start doing ginger instead.

Ginger is good stuff :)

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