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The name OKLLO - pronounced like  'oak' • 'yo'  originates from an Incan myth in which the first mother born was called "Mama Okllo"... :)))

 Okllo is one of those special little golden nuggets you find in a sea of children's products.

100% cotton, bold design, that features some of the greats of American history.

My Juju chose George Washington. He's always had a thing for our first president.  

When the shirt arrived and I unwrapped it to show him, he was so excited! I told him that it would be his to wear after he earned it - by telling me all he could find out about the man. He set straight to work. A lot of the articles we got to were heavy reading, so I would read and discuss it with him. Our whole afternoon, we were engaged in learning about Washington and the beginnings of our country.

Child led learning for the love of a shirt! That's fabulous! 

I wish there were more products for children whose utter coolness sparked a love of learning - real learning. Products like OKLLO!

 So if you ever see Juju, just ask him to tell you about the year 1789. You'll be impressed & he'll remember it forever! 

To check out the selection of American greats offered at OKLLO, stop over @ http://www.okllo.com/

And stay updated on all things OKLLO @ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/okllo.kid.goods

Good Stuff!

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