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Simone France has been giving her trademark facials for over 40 years.

She's been interviewed by Vogue, has an elite clientele list, and believes that what you remove from the skin is so much more important than what you put on.

Her skincare line will do just that with her trademark trio she calls "the sandwich".

In the Morning

Make your Simone France Sandwich, the most effective and unusual way to clean your skin every day. The Sandwich combines moisturizer, scrub and soap and gives you the perfect amount of mild, daily exfoliation and deep pore cleansing. Every day your skin will be fresh and glowing – like you just had one of Simone’s famous facials!

It is very important to follow the directions that come with your Sandwich skin care treatment exactly. The fun and unique method is just as important as the products used. This simple 3-minute daily treat is the best anti aging treatment you can find.

This step takes three minutes and even though there are three products used, it's simple and makes sense.

You start by applying a layer of moisturizer, which softens the skin preparing it for the next step,and protects the skin from the drying aspects of the cleansing.

Next part of the sandwich is the scrub. this sloughs off all the dead skin, and residue from other products used on the skin. 

Finally, is the soap. It cleans it all off without drying, thanks to the first step.

Lastly, RINSE. This is a classic beauty secret. Rinse the sandwich off with 15 splashes of warm water & 15 splashes of cool water to close the pores.

At Night:

Use the cleansing milk and toner for your skin type to remove your make up (including eye make up) and the daily accumulation of oil and impurities. Remove both with Disposable Cleansing Cloths – don’t just rinse! 

That's it!

Every customer who want one, gets the free, in-depth, individual skin analysis. I told them what my typical skin care regimen is, and they told me what results my regimen was getting me, and what I needed to do differently to get my desired results. Their analysis made sense. 

I was using a drying form of cleanser and not getting my skin optimally clean.

 I was lacking of daily deep pore cleansing.

 And,  I was using too many and too aggressive ingredients.

Not any more! I am really loving the Simone France regimen. My skin feels plump, soft, and like it can breathe again. One of the biggest differences I have noted, the circulation has greatly improved. My skin is glowing & my cheeks are rosy. 

( me in my Simone France sandwich )

I recommend you read the Vogue interview I linked to above. It's an interesting read!

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