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I am so thrilled with these products. Now, I haven't had the occasion to use them, thank goodness we're all well, but the ingredient lists are close to my heart and close to what I would concoct to get us well right from my own kitchen.

The last time I was sick, I grabbed everything I had, that I knew had natural antibiotic or anti viral properties. I ended up with garlic, onion, ginger, apple cider vinegar, horseradish, grapefruit seed extract, coconut oil, oregano oil, fermented cod liver oil, zinc, & olive leaf extract. I threw it all in the food processor & what I got was something like a pesto or salad dressing. It tasted pretty good - maybe a small portion over pasta or a bowl of leafy greens, but to take enough to try & kick the bug I had, the stuff was god awful! I was taking a 1/2 cup at a time, and chasing with a tall glass of water. I did this all day, every four hours. My bug didn't last long, but boy was it unpleasant.

Maty's has ingredients like I would use, but their formulas taste really good! Just look at what is in the All Natural Cough Syrup :

These are literally all the ingredients in the stuff. You know how many "natural" products call themselves all natural, but when you check out what's in it, there are those unpronounceable mystery ingredients that are in no way, shape, or form natural. 

Maty's is all natural.

Do you know how happy this makes me!!!!

I told you I'm thrilled.

So when the package arrived, Capri and I decided we would try everything, even though we are both fit as a fiddle ( you can do this when the products are really all natural ). We were checking for flavor, sent, & feel. 

First we tried the children's cough syrup. We pulled back the little white seal and dipped our fingers in the golden, thick, goo that covered it. it was yummy and reminded me a bit of the bananas foster syrup that I make to put over ice cream. Taking a closer look at the box, I realized it was caramel banana flavor. 

Next we tried the adult formula All Natural Cough Syrup. This one tasted more like cinnamon & honey. Simple and good. 

Then, it was the Breathe Better Nasal Ointment. I expected a cooling, mentholated sensation. There is no sensation at all. This ointment is designed to promote a healthy nasal environment, so that your nose can properly do it's job.

The baby chest rub, however, does give sensation. It contains eucalyptus for that cooling deep reaching comfort. We also tried the adult formula which has that similar sensation. I appreciate the instructions on both packages of rubs - they mention that it's an effective method of application to apply to the bottoms of the feet. The soles of our feet are highly absorbable places. We have to be careful  with what we put on our feet, as it will go straight to our blood stream. Maty's is good for your absorbable feet :)

Maty's is what I've been waiting for! A new must for my natural medicine cabinet.

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