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This is going to be a long post. I love this brand. I love the concept, I love that a kid was the one who decided to make candy better, I love the product. Plus I just hosted an UNREAL party. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

I have made a informed decision to unjunk my life in general. Got rid of plastics, use only natural bath & beauty and household cleansers, I cloth diaper, we cook & eat organics and real foods. I consider everything we consume - whether it's though our skin, what we breathe, or what goes in our mouths. I guess I always just assumed that candy was junk. I just didn't realize how much so.

The good news is, thanks to a 13 year old kid who set out to prove that without the junk candy could taste better, there is now an alternative and it does taste better and is better for you. Just look ------->

* Real Cane Sugar - all sugar isn't created equal & when you use the good stuff, you can use less

* NO Corn Syrup - no explanation needed

* More Cacao - UNREAL uses twice as much, because it's all about the chocolate

* NO Artificial Preservatives - UNREAL won't last on the shelves for 5 years

* Real Milk - no artificial hormones or antibiotics- milk from cows who grazed on grass, NOT corn which is genetically modified

* NO Artificial Colors or Flavors - in other countries Red #5 is banned, why should we use it? UNREAL sure doesn't!

* More Protein and Fiber- it's a good practice to replace the bad with good. UNREAL adds more protein & fiber while still making it taste so good!

* NO Hydrogenated Fats/Oils - naturally occurring oils are good for us - period.

UNREAL uses the colors of nature in their candies - beet root, turmeric, & cabbage.

There you have it. It's time to UNJUNK your candy! What better time to do so than at Halloween time!

Now for the good stuff - I hosted an UNREAL party & it was fun & healthy, and we had smart conversation about foods and what we choose and how we should choose. We talked a lot about candy. The consensus was that most people know candy isn't healthy, so it's an occasional treat. What most people thought was bad about candy is the sugar content . Some realized there was high sugar and no health benefit. What none of us seemed to understand, is that there is some actual bad/harmful stuff in leading brands.

This was an eye opening experience for us adults. The kids- they were just plain happy about getting candy bags :)

I served lasagna - we had both traditional & with gluten free pasta, a nice salad full of organics & loaded with olives, daikon radish, & garden fresh tomatoes, & french garlic bread - again both traditional & gluten free. I made a humming bird cake. It was an all day gathering of good friends & family, good food, good health conversation & good candy.

My sister called after she left. She hadn't tried the UNREAL candy at the party. She was so impressed with the flavor. She had already decided, based on all the information I shared at the party, that she was going to make the switch. After tasting it, she was excited to make that switch. She's the next in line for snack day at my niece's school - she'll be taking UNREAL and will send the kids home with information sheets on the candy so their parents have an opportunity to make an informed switch too.

To close, I really can't say enough good about UNREAL. I guess it's what I've been waiting for. The most import feature about this candy, is that it says to the the world " You can UNJUNK the products you use and they can still taste good!". It's up to us - the consumers to reinforce that message and choose products that are good to & for us.

The End

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