2012 Holiday Gift Guide @ Wishing Penny ~ Hip Peas ~ Natural Kids Care Prize Pack ~ Ends 11/27

Are you a parent with a conscience? 

Me too. I always have been health conscious. But over the past 4 or 5 years, I have been super aware and think about every thing we come in contact with. That doesn't mean that we are totally clean, but we try not to add anything negative and try to add positives. it's the little steps that if we keep going, will lead us to our goal of healthy living.

Where my children are involved, I have an extra soft spot. I have the potential to start them on a clean path. Their little bodies are fresh and I would love to keep them that way.

That means putting good things in and on their bodies. I don't even use traditional shampoo on them. I wash their hair with vinegar & baking soda. I don't want junk getting in their blood stream. Their hair is gorgeous. My oldest has such shiny hair - I wish mine was like his.

It works for us, but I'm super happy to have found Hip Peas. These products are completely safe for your little one and the environment. They're also pretty good for their little locks too!

My Capri has a head full of curls. They are wonderful, but tangle easily. This detangler  is wonderful & helps eliminate some of the stress we experience when getting ready for the day. The Curl Tamer is also a great product. I just add a tiny bit to my hands and kind of squeeze her hair and her curls stay bouncy all day :)

I think most of us receive some sort of bath and body products as a gift during the holidays. This is perfect for your little ones. And one you can feel good about!

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